[2023] C21 Solidarity with Ukraine

carried motion
Carried motion

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Motion 71, 72 and amendment

Congress unequivocally condemns Russia’s illegal, aggressive invasion of Ukraine.

Congress notes:

1. The systematic repression of free trade unions under Putin and Lukashenko, and their suppression in the occupied territories of Ukraine since 2014.

2. Appeals from Ukrainian unions for moral and material aid, including the means of Ukraine’s self-defence.

3. That those who suffer most in times of war are the working class, and that the labour movement must do all it can to prevent conflict; however, that is not always possible.

4. The TUC’s proud history of solidarity with victims of fascist, imperialist aggression including its support for arms to the Spanish Republic. As trade unionists we are inherently anti-imperialistic, and our job is to fight imperialism and tyranny at every opportunity. We recognise that a victory for Putin in Ukraine will be a success for reactionary authoritarian politics across the world.

5. The horrendous human and environmental cost of the Ukraine conflict. Millions of people have been forced to abandon their homes and flee, while many others have lost their lives.

6 The Russian programme of ethnic cleansing.

7. That trade unions across Ukraine have shown true solidarity and support by offering shelter and food to refugees. ASLEF has worked closely with Ukrainian rail unions and seen the tremendous work that they have done to support workers in these times of conflict.

Congress affirms:

a) Its support for civil and labour rights in Russia and Belarus and the immediate release of trade union prisoners.

b) Its belief that there can be no just or enduring peace while the Russian state continues its denial of Ukrainian sovereignty.

c) Its solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including refugees whose sanctuary has been delayed or denied by the UK Government.

d) That re-construction of Ukraine must have labour and union values at its centre.

Congress supports:

i. The immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from all Ukrainian territories occupied since 2014.

ii. Ukrainian unions’ calls for financial and practical aid from the UK to Ukraine.

III. A peaceful end to the conflict that secures the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the support and self-determination of the Ukrainian people.

iv. The full restoration of labour rights in Ukraine and a socially-just reconstruction and re development programme that embeds collective bargaining and rejects deregulation and privatisation.

v. TUC work, and facilitation of affiliates’ engagement, with the main Ukrainian trade union centres (FPU/KVPU), and acknowledges the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign.

Congress therefore instructs the General Council to:

1. Send solidarity to all Ukrainian trade unionists who are fighting for workers’ rights and against imperialism every day.

2. Engage with Ukrainian trade unions from both trade union centres, and a wide range of union members and ideas.

3. Stand with Ukrainian people in the UK and support them in whatever means available until they can safely return home.

Mover: GMB
Seconder: ASLEF
Supporter: NUM