[2022] E3 Save our public services from Tory chaos

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress calls on the UK Government to commit to increase real public sector spending to save our public services.

Congress recognises that the disastrous ‘mini Budget’ of 23 September placed households under increased financial strain, almost collapsed the pensions market, and raised fears over deeper spending cuts in our services.

The Chancellor’s ‘mini Budget’ has thrown the entire economy into disarray, benefitting the already wealthy few.

Congress notes that:

i. Local councils are staring at a funding gap of £3.4 billion in 2023/24 and £4.5 billion in 2024/25

ii. NHS workers on Band 1 and bottom of Band 2, and local government workers on the lowest spine points, now earn less than the Living Wage Foundation’s base rate of £10.90 in the UK (excluding London)

iii. The 17 October reversal of some tax rises still leaves an estimated £30 billion black hole in the public finances

iv. Public sector workers have suffered too long from pay freezes and paltry raises, increasing workloads, and cuts to services

Congress resolves that the TUC must campaign vigorously against public service cuts.

Congress calls on the General Council to demand that the Government:

i. Upholds its promise to protect public services

ii. Funds restorative public sector pay awards, with annual increases of at least RPI

iii. Reverses regressive tax measures and makes sure the wealthy pay their fair share

iv. Calls a general election to allow the public to decide who they wish to govern their finances

Moved:          GMB

Seconded:     Unison