[2022] E4 Rail disputes and the new Transport Secretary

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes that on 6th September 2022 Anne-Marie Trevelyan replaced Grant Shapps as Transport Secretary.

Congress notes that while the new Transport Secretary has adopted a different tone and, unlike her predecessor, met the rail unions, the government has not changed the rail employers negotiating mandate that would allow a settlement to the dispute.

Proposals remain for attacks on jobs, pay, conditions and services, including the widespread destaffing of the railways, driver only operation, the closure of ticket offices and cutting thousands of safety critical infrastructure jobs with the increasing threat of imposition of new conditions.

Congress will continue to do all within its power to support the rail unions in their disputes.

Congress calls for the new Secretary of State to prevent industrial action running through to Winter and beyond by mandating the employers to address the demands of railway workers and facilitate an acceptable negotiated settlement that’s in the interests of workers, passengers, and the country as a whole.

Congress believes that the threat of new anti-union legislation indicated by the speeches of both the Prime Minister and Chancellor at the Tory party Conference in October has served to pour petrol on the fire of the rail dispute and such legislation will cause industrial relations chaos for years to come.

Congress notes on 16th October government confirmed it will be pressing ahead with transport minimum service levels. Congress will fight this legislation and consider all means necessary to resist this attack on transport and other workers.

Moved:          RMT

Seconded:     TSSA