[2019] E3 Respect ASDA workers 

carried motion
Carried motion

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Emergency motion

Congress notes that:

Throughout the summer, ASDA’s workforce has suffered extreme stress: forced to sign a new contract, which had previously been voluntary, or face dismissal.

ASDA has insisted employees sign “Contract 6”, which has inferior terms and conditions, by 2 November 2019 or lose their jobs.

Previously, ASDA employees changed working arrangements to assist the business.

ASDA is cutting paid breaks, holiday entitlement, bank holiday premiums, night-shift premiums, increasing work on bank holidays and introducing greater flexibility to only benefit the employer.

Thousands of low-paid, part-time women workers, many with caring and childcare responsibilities, will be hardest hit by ASDA’s ‘flexibility’ demands.

GMB’s huge August 14 rally and march past Asda’s Leeds HQ and demonstrations in Liverpool, London, Hull, Crewe, Dundee, Sheffield, Glasgow, Cwbran, South Shields, Stockport, Portsmouth, Livingston, Newcastle-under-Lyme and elsewhere.

Protests will continue week after week until ASDA offers the workforce a better deal.

In September 2019, GMB exposed ASDA’s decision to remove contractual sick pay during their notice period from employees who have not signed Contract 6.

Congress condemns Asda’s draconian approach and agrees this is no way for a 21st century employer to treat loyal workers who have given long service.

Congress calls on all trade unionists to support ASDA workers in the store where they shop and join the store demos.

Mover: GMB 

Seconder: Communication Workers Union