[2018] ** Motion 20 Brexit

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It’s now clear that the Brexit originally promised is undeliverable and what we’ll get is likely to do damage to our economy.

Congress notes the division within the Tory government which led to the resignations of David Davies and Boris Johnson prior to the long overdue White Paper outlining the government’s vision for the UK’s future relations with the EU.

Congress notes the lack of progress in Brexit negotiations and the government’s weakness, which may lead to further concessions in negotiations with the EU.

Congress doesn’t believe that the current government is capable of delivering a Brexit deal that will work for ordinary people.

Congress is opposed to a no-deal Brexit and to the creation of a hard border in Ireland and is deeply concerned that many worker and trade union rights will be under threat, post-Brexit.

Congress is encouraged to note that Labour’s position on Brexit includes a commitment to vote down any deal which doesn’t meet its six tests and also doesn’t deliver a post-Brexit customs union with the EU. There is clear red water between Labour and the Tories over Brexit.

Congress notes that union members are given a final say on any new deal negotiated on their behalf and, whilst respecting the outcome of the 2016 referendum, therefore calls on the General Council to campaign for ordinary people to have a final say through a referendum on any Brexit deal agreed so that people can make an informed decision on the deal on offer.

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association