[2020] Motion 01 Covid-19 and the fire and rescue service

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress applauds the role all keyworkers have played during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Congress notes that the fire and rescue service response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been managed uniquely through the UK-wide tripartite agreement between the FBU, fire service national employers and chief fire officers (NFCC).

The tripartite agreement, first signed on 23 March and expanded subsequently, enabled firefighters to assist local resilience forums, ambulance trusts, hospitals and other organisations with vital work.

Congress notes by June:

i. More than four-fifths of fire and rescue services had delivered packages of food, medicines and other essentials to vulnerable persons.

ii. Three-quarters had provided personnel for ambulance driving.

iii. More than 70 per cent had delivered PPE – mostly for the NHS and ambulance service.

iv. Almost two-thirds had assisted with the movements of dead people to mortuaries.

v. Some 44 per cent had assisted with face-fitting of PPE.

Congress notes that the agreement provided for risk assessments and the role of safety reps in ensuring the risks of all work undertaken was minimised. This was reflected in lower rates of absence and infection of firefighters.

Congress believes that these activities were made possible and delivered so swiftly as a result of the longstanding collective bargaining arrangements across the UK fire and rescue service. It underlines the vital role played by trade unions during this pandemic.

Fire Brigades Union