[2020] Motion 10 Four-pillar plan for creative industries’ recovery

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Congress recognises that the creative sector cannot recover without investment in both workplaces and workers. Re-opening theatres, film and television sets and venues is not enough – government and the industry need to protect and preserve the thousands of people whose skills and talents are the basis of our success, and especially freelance and self-employed creatives.

Without investment, the first to leave the sector are likely to be our BME, women, disabled and working-class talent, worsening the diversity of the sector.

Congress believes that a successful and sustainable return to work across the creative industries is contingent on four, interrelated pillars:

i. workforce protection – extension of funds to creative workers and action to fill the gaps in support provided so far

ii. safe opening – including ticketing subsidies, investment in digital content that pays creatives fairly and underwriting the insurance risk of TV and film productions

iii. protecting infrastructure – the £1.57bn in funding for the arts announced by the government must recognise the breadth of the sector and not just the elite or mainstream arts

vi. equality – no-one should be left behind in the recovery and additional funding made available to institutions must be attached to clear organisation-specific commitments to eliminate gaps in representation and pay.

Congress endorses the four-pillar plan for recovery and supports efforts by creative workers to achieve a fair, safe and sustainable return to work.