[2020] Motion 05 Plan for a new economy

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Congress believes that the economy we rebuild cannot represent continuity with the past. Only 12 per cent of people want life to return to how it was. The coronavirus outbreak has exposed fundamental inequalities in society. A ‘people’s bailout’ must be followed by a more equitable recovery than the last.

Congress further believes that some of the workers society has depended on the most are those that the economy values the least. More than 200 care workers’ deaths had been linked to coronavirus to 25 May, the highest of any occupation. The median hourly rate for care workers in England was just £8.41 in March 2019, poverty statutory sick pay rates are the norm, and more than a third of care workers were employed on zero-hours contracts. At the same time, industries that provide high-skilled and well-paid jobs are struggling to survive.

Congress resolves that the TUC should campaign (and lobby the Labour Party) for a long-term economic recovery plan based on:

i. economic justice for those most affected by coronavirus

ii. the rebuilding of the UK’s manufacturing base

iii. full funding for public services with immediate improvements to pay and progression

iv. an end to two-tier workforces

v. urgent reforms to statutory sick pay so that ill workers are not left out of pocket

vi. trade deals that protect UK industries against artificial dumping and protect public services

vii. a new national role for trade unions under the TUC’s proposed National Recovery Council.



  • Insert new paragraphs 3 and 4:
    “Congress believes further education is central to social and economic recovery through vocational and apprenticeship education meeting the skills needed for industry and public services.
    “Congress notes the forthcoming education white paper and calls affiliates to back publicly owned, publicly accountable, fully funded further education colleges with national collective bargaining.”



  • Add a final paragraph:
    “Congress believes unions played a vital role in protecting workers employment and safety during the pandemic and that role will be equally important in the future. The case for powerful trade unions is stronger than ever and Congress reiterates its support for repeal of the anti-trade union laws.”

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers