[2021] Motion 07 Recover and rebuild: enable children and young people to thrive

Composited motion

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Congress notes the continuing adverse effect that the coronavirus pandemic has had upon the lives of many children and young people across the UK, who were already suffering from decreased services, a rise in child poverty, increased exclusions from school and an increased focus on a government-imposed narrow academic curriculum.

Congress further notes, with dismay, the resignation of Sir Kevan Collins, following the refusal to implement many of the recommendations contained within his government-commissioned report into what should be done to support the wellbeing of children and young people.

Congress adds its support to the National Children’s Bureau campaign “Children at the Heart”, which calls on the government to “produce a recovery and rebuild plan designed to enable our children to thrive” and believes that this must include a root-and-branch review of the academic curriculum prescribed for children and young people aged from 2–18 years of age. The new curriculum should support schools, colleges and early years’ settings to provide an inclusive learning environment for all children and young people, with a focus on learning a wide range of skills that will enable them all to leave the compulsory stage of their education happy, healthy and well-equipped to enter adulthood.

Association of Educational Psychologists