[2020] Motion 06 Coronavirus: economic recovery

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Congress applauds the magnificent efforts of all workers delivering services in the public sector during the coronavirus crisis. Congress notes that despite warm words of praise from the government, their efforts have not met with tangible reward and that, following years of underinvestment, they are struggling to deliver vital services.

Congress recognises the huge challenges facing the nation in recovering from the pandemic. Congress agrees that the post-pandemic world of work must look very different to what went before.

Congress instructs the General Council to develop proposals for the recovery which include:

i. a significant expansion of public services to meet the needs of the nation and a corresponding expansion in the number of jobs in order to deliver those services

ii. sectoral bargaining with the trade unions on the recovery plan to cover all workers in the public sector or delivering services to it

iii. a shorter working week with no loss of pay to realise the benefits of new technology and to facilitate job creation in order to mitigate against mass unemployment

iv. keeping public-sector jobs based in local communities

v. ensuring that the needs of workers with protected characteristics are met and that the structural discrimination revealed by the pandemic is addressed

vi. keyworker status for all public sector workers and for outsourced workers providing services to the public sector to enable them to access more affordable housing

vii. bringing outsourced public service functions back into public ownership.

Public and Commercial Services Union


  • Insert new sentence at the end of paragraph 2:
    “A key component of this change must involve a green new deal that creates a new generation of jobs in the industries and infrastructure we need to tackle the climate crisis.”
  • In paragraph 3, sub-paragraph iii., insert “new green” between “facilitate” and “job”.

University and College Union


  • Insert new paragraph 2:
    “Congress notes that workers have borne the brunt of the coronavirus crisis and nevertheless it was workers who saw society through the initial wave. Congress believes that workers should not have to pay the costs of recovery through further austerity in public services, job cuts and pay freezes.”

Fire Brigades Union