[2019] Motion 06 Securing UK green jobs

carried motion
Carried motion

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Combatting climate breakdown is not just a moral issue, but an economic one for communities and workers across the UK. It should be a top priority for governments.

Decarbonisation could produce thousands of well-paid, skilled jobs in renewables and in the supply chain, but this requires political will.

Congress will campaign for:

i. Fair funding: the cost of decarbonisation must be borne by the wealthiest not the poorest, through progressive taxation including corporation taxes. Costs are currently added to household bills, hitting those least able to pay.

ii. Public money: no company registered in a tax haven should be awarded public subsidies, and a register of all companies in receipt of public money, and how much they receive, should be published.

iii. Local labour in construction: any body awarding energy construction contracts in the UK to be legally required to include local labour clauses in those contracts.

iv. Skills for the future: investment in skills to meet our needs now and in the future.

v. Fair pay and rights at work: companies in receipt of subsidies, their contractors and sub-contractors, to be covered by a new national recognition and collective bargaining agreement.

vi. Performance: companies in receipt of public subsidy must report all information on the output and performance of all renewable energy facilities to ensure delivery of secure, reliable energy in a cost-effective manner.

Congress commits to working within the Labour Party, across the wider movement and lobbying government to make the policies in this motion a reality.