[2019] Motion 07 Climate crisis

Composited motion

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Congress notes:

i. The Earth’s temperature has already risen by one degree above pre-industrial levels. The autumn IPCC report warned that we only have 12 years to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. Carbon emissions need to be cut by 45 per cent by 2030 and reach zero carbon by 2050 in order to avoid a dangerous tipping point.

ii. the tremendous impact of the school students strikes in shifting government complacency over climate change forcing them to amend the 2008 Climate Change Act

iii. Greta Thunberg’s call for a Climate Strike and for adults and workers to join the global school students strike on 20 September which will begin a week of action on climate

iv. the solidarity strikes organised by trade unions in Belgium and France.

Congress believes:

a. Climate change is a trade union issue.

b. The future of our planet is at risk if we don’t organise now to force governments to cut emissions in line with the IPCC report.

c. Taxing the very wealthy and closing tax loopholes in line with Labour Party manifesto commitments will meet the cost of cutting emissions.

d. We must keep the pressure up. The school students have led the way but educators and the trade union movement as a whole must now act to ensure that they don’t fight alone.

Congress resolves:

  1. The TUC to call a 30-minute workday solidarity stoppage to coincide with the global school student strike on 20 September.

University and College Union


  • In paragraph 2, add new sub-paragraph e.:
    “e. Education and training must be reviewed to ensure young people and workers are equipped to live and work in a just transition towards a sustainable future.”
  • In paragraph 3, add new sub-paragraph 2.:
    “2. to campaign for national and regional Just Transition Commissions including full union and education representation to develop, monitor and implement the process.”

National Education Union


  • In paragraph 3, replace sub-paragraph 1. with: “1. The TUC to call for a 30-minute workday campaign action to coincide with the global school strike on 20 September.”



  • In paragraph 3, add sub-paragraph 2:
    “2. The TUC and affiliates are encouraged to join in with preparing for the strike and where unions and workers are able, to join the student strike for a longer period of time.”

Artists’ Union England