[2018] ** Motion 07 Just transition and energy workers’ voice

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress recognises our country’s legally binding targets for a lower-carbon economy as part of international efforts to tackle climate change.

Congress notes that over 80 per cent of homes currently use gas, and that alongside the objectives of achieving lower and zero-carbon energy sources, governments must also ensure security of supply, meet requirements of industry and infrastructure as well as ensure affordability for the public.

Congress believes a balanced energy mix is essential to meeting these targets and objectives and that such a mix must include investment in renewables, alongside new nuclear and lower-carbon gas.

Congress notes that ‘just transition’ is a much-used but often ambiguous term and there is no shortage of voices who believe they are qualified to say what energy workers and communities want and need.

Congress wholeheartedly believes that trade unions are the best democratic vehicle for working people to collectively make their voices heard in public life and to defend their jobs.

Congress congratulates GMB, Prospect, UNISON and Unite for calling a just transition conference to ask members employed in energy precisely what they, their communities and industries want and need from an energy sector of the future.

Congress believes that the views of the workers affected, as expressed through these trade unions, should be paramount and central to development of all TUC policies on energy, industrial strategy and climate change, and that the TUC should develop a political and lobbying strategy led by the voices and experiences of energy unions and their members.



In paragraph 2, after “industry” insert “transport” › At end of paragraph 3 add: “underpinned by an expanded programme of energy R&D” › At end of paragraph 5 add: “Trade unions are the only bodies with the expertise and experience to deliver fair change for workers.” › At end of paragraph 6 delete full stop after “future” and add “and supports the continuation of this important programme of work.”