[2021] Motion 11 Decarbonise and decolonise in the fight for climate justice

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress recognises the urgency of the climate crisis, and the need to achieve a just transition to a zero-carbon economy that ensures no community is left behind.

Congress notes that the consequences of climate change are not distributed equally, and the climate crisis we now face is intrinsically linked to the legacy of colonialism and imperialism that has promoted and supported carbon-intensive economic systems around the globe. Climate change is caused overwhelmingly by higher income nations, communities and individuals, yet poorer nations and communities will be most acutely affected by its impacts.

It is therefore vital that the approaches we take to addressing the climate crisis are bound up with efforts to decolonise our structures, institutions and employers.

Congress rejects attempts by the Westminster government to deny the realities of structural racism and the need for decolonisation. Congress also notes with concern the Climate Change Committee report that suggests the government is still too slow on reducing emissions.

Congress resolves that the TUC should campaign for education for sustainable development to be embedded across the education system and trade union education by 2030, ensuring all young people and adults are equipped with the skills they need to understand climate change and respond to its impact on communities, industries and economies.

University and College Union


Add at end of paragraph 3:

“, including efforts to embed anti-racism and climate justice at the heart of UK policy-making.”

In paragraph 5, insert colon after “campaign for” and create new sub-paragraph i.
using the remaining text.

Add new sub-paragraph ii.:

“ii. inclusive curricular entitlements supported by anti-racist teacher education and training.”

Add new final paragraph:

“Congress also calls on the General Council to establish an annual environmental audit of affiliates’ work on sustainability and to showcase examples of effective practice.”