[2020] Motion 58 Campaigning for a new deal for workers in the wake of coronavirus

carried motion
Carried motion

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Throughout the pandemic unions have shown they are essential to workers across the UK. This is the moment to harness our collective strength, grow our movement and confidently assert our industrial and political agendas to deliver a new deal for workers.

Congress recognises the work done on this by the TUC and the New Deal for Workers Working Group and believes this group should continue to drive this agenda forward.

Congress affirms the Organise 2020 pledge for greater co-operation to grow the movement and the commitments that:

i. The General Council will review and publish progress annually.

ii. The TUC will convene and co-ordinate activity on a sectoral level.

ii. Unions will work together to root out insecure employment, including through the use of common bargaining agendas across sectors.

Delivering on this agenda for greater co-operation between affiliates is crucial to the movement’s future.

Congress agrees that bringing about the biggest mobilisation of workers to fight for shared industrial and political demands in the wake of coronavirus pandemic is the key task in winning for working people. To achieve this the TUC will:

a. develop the demands in the New Deal Charter asserting a distinctive trade union agenda to build a new economy and a fairer world of work

b. work with affiliates to support mobilisation in demanding higher employment standards within sectors

c. develop a mobilisation and action strategy, to be agreed by the General Council by the end of 2020, in support of the New Deal campaign.

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