[2019] Motion 13 Revoking Article 50

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Congress recognises that the promises that were made during the EU referendum campaign are now distant memories, and that a Tory no-deal Brexit looms on the horizon – with potentially devastating results for workers in the UK.

Congress welcomes the TUC’s call for a general election or a second referendum and calls on the General Council to confirm that the TUC would campaign to remain in the EU if either of these votes were called.

Until either a general election or a second referendum is announced, and in the event that neither takes place, Congress calls on the General Council to campaign to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.

Musicians’ Union


  • Add at end of paragraph 1:
    “Congress notes with concern that Brexit, especially under ‘no deal’, would hit the NHS hard, with new immigration hurdles deterring EU healthcare professionals from coming to the UK to work in the NHS and the deep risk of wholesale privatisation flowing from a trade deal with the Trump White House.”

Royal College of Midwives