Motion 35 Sexual harassment

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Conference notes that the TUC Women’s Conferences in 2022 and 2023 passed motions about the experience of trade union staff, members and reps who suffer structural sexism, and sexual harassment, assault and bullying in our
own movement.

Since then, many reports carried out within the movement have exposed abuse and power hoarding and showed the profound need for cultural change.

These behaviours mirror society in general, and are not restricted to any one union – an indictment of our democracy and ability to champion equality, protect our members and effect change for good.

This conference agrees that the TUC should lead the way by encouraging:

i. TUC affiliates to no longer use gagging clauses to silence staff on sexual harassment

ii. affiliated unions to implement sexual harassment training for both members and staff

iii. affiliated unions to sign-post to their organisational policies on harassment (in all its forms) and provide support for people coming forward if they have been subjected to predatory behaviour within the movement

iv. fringe events at relevant conferences and events to hear from survivors of abuse within the movement.

Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association