[2020] Motion 17 Children’s right to food charter

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Congress recognises that Covid-19 has shone a light on the severe inequalities that exist in our society. This unprecedented event has plunged millions of children, many of whom were already struggling to secure a decent diet, further into food insecurity. That is, limited access to food, at the level of individuals or households, due to lack of money or other resources.

Before the pandemic hit, 4.27 million children were living in poverty and were affected by moderate to severe food insecurity. Data gathered by the Food Foundation on food insecurity levels during the Covid-19 lockdown showed that among households with children, the prevalence of food insecurity has doubled since the crisis hit.

The Food Foundation established the Children’s Food Charter in 2019, which has been updated to reflect recent events. Given the scale of the challenge and importance of children’s health and diet the provisions set out in the charter are now more important than ever.

Congress notes the charter calls for:

i. a new children’s right to food commission

ii. a nutritious start in life for every child

iii. a healthy lunch every day

iv. an end to the stigma attached to hunger

v. prioritising health over profit.

Congress agrees to support the charter and campaign for its plan to tackle children’s food insecurity and inequalities in obesity and protect every child’s right to food.

British Dietetic Association


  • Insert new paragraphs 3 and 4:
    “Congress notes the government’s chaotic handling of free school meals provision during the coronavirus lockdown, resulting in uncertainty, anxiety and bureaucracy for families and schools.
    “Congress demands a public review of the basis on which a lucrative national contract for providing free school meal vouchers was awarded during the pandemic.”