[2021] Motion 17 Maritime training fit for the future

Composited motion

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Congress notes the Seafarer Cadet Review Report launched by the Maritime Skills Commission in June 2021, which recommends that the government must modernise UK maritime training if UK seafarers are to remain competitive in the global shipping industry and overhaul funding for seafarer training.

Over the past 40 years, the number of British officers in the Merchant Navy (MN) has fallen by around two-thirds. Consistent under-recruitment means the total is predicted to fall a further 30 per cent within the next decade.

The report recommends that UK MN officer training should be fully funded by government and officer trainees/cadets be given access to new skills for the future, modern technology such as simulators, and blended learning tools. This will enable the UK to maintain its leadership in maritime expertise and attract global investment.

A survey conducted by Nautilus International as part of its input into the Maritime Skills Commission report found that recently qualified MN officers believe UK merchant navy training was in desperate need of modernising with new skills such as leadership training and that ship owners, colleges and sponsors needed to take a much more active interest in cadets’ training experiences.

Congress therefore calls on the government to commit to supporting UK seafarers training by:

i. providing 100 per cent of the costs of training

ii. modernising course content to ensure it provides the skills to promote the competitiveness of UK seafarers in a global industry

iii. supporting efforts to encourage more graduates to consider careers in shipping.

Nautilus International