[2022] Motion 18 Just transition

Composited motion

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Congress supports a move to net zero that offers a fair deal for workers and a fair future for a United Kingdom that is free from carbon emissions.

Congress notes the just transition guidelines as established in 2015 by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and that focus had shifted in response to impacts of Covid-19 to a recovery led transition that builds back greener and builds back better.

However, Congress observes that a just transition in transportation requires ambitious objectives from government to support the upskilling and reskilling of workers, as well as greater emphasis on the crucial support of future sustainable employment in delivering a transport sector that delivers for a low (and eventual no) carbon future.

Therefore, Congress calls on:

i . the government to focus efforts on a just transition in transport, a sector that has significant responsibility and capability in transitioning towards sustainability and a carbon free future

ii. transport unions to focus resources and efforts on planning for, and supporting, a just transition that benefits quality employment and training opportunities

iii. the TUC and affiliates to continue engagement with government in planning for a just transition that puts people at the heart of its efforts and that prioritises the carbon intensive transport sector in realising and resourcing its journey to sustainability.

Nautilus International


› At the end of the third paragraph add: “Now is the time to invest in green transport infrastructure in order to cut carbon emissions, support both communities and transport workers and rebuild our economy.”