[2021] Motion 20 Funding of national cultural institutions

Composited motion

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Congress agrees that our national museums and galleries are important parts of our nations’ heritage and cultural life. The collections they manage are free for all to view and should remain so. They are key to our tourism industry and one report prepared for the Arts Council England suggests that, per year, the sector as a whole produces £1.45bn for an overall public investment of £0.66bn, and the sector raises £3 for every £1 of public investment. Their cultural value to the country is incalculable.

However, Congress notes that successive governments have significantly reduced the Grant in Aid (GIA) funding available for these institutions, requiring them to increase revenue through fundraising, retail activities, special paid exhibitions, sponsorship and more. Congress notes the catastrophic impact that the pandemic has had on these activities, and the likely ongoing effects due to loss of tourism.

Congress also notes that rates of pay for staff in museums and galleries are, frankly, woeful and several institutions have undertaken restructures, at least in part as a response to the pandemic, with consequent job losses. Congress agrees that the funding model for the institutions is a significant factor in the impact of the pandemic.

Congress therefore calls on the TUC to:

i. campaign for additional, no strings attached, financial support for all of the national museums and galleries

ii. campaign for a real-terms increase in Grant in Aid for all national museums and galleries

iii. campaign for better pay for workers in the sector.



At end of paragraph 2, add:
“and increased pressures on the availability and level of future sponsorship funding.”

In paragraph 3, at end of sentence 1, after “losses”, add “and increased work pressures on remaining staff’’. At end of paragraph 3, add “and more broadly”.

In paragraph 4, insert new sub-paragraph iii.:

“iii. campaign for an improved funding model for the sector that reduces reliance on paid exhibitions and sponsorship and safeguards and improves access for all”

Renumber the remaining sub-paragraph as iv. and after “pay” insert “and conditions”.