[2022] Motion 20 Technology and automation: delivering skills and workplace protection

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Carried motion

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It has been estimated that nine in 10 UK employees will need to be reskilled by 2030, at an additional cost of £13bn per year.

Despite this, the government has scrapped the Union Learning Fund in England and refused to address the significant failings of the apprenticeship levy system. At the same time, it remains too easy and too cheap for employers to make workers redundant.

Congress calls for the General Council to urgently campaign for the immediate implementation of the following provisions to ensure workers can retrain and take advantage of the future world of work:

i. A right to paid time off for retraining to support the development of lifetime skills.

ii. A significant and long-term investment in skills funding including the reinstatement of the Union Learning Fund across England.

iii. A fundamental overhaul of the apprenticeship levy scheme so it is accessible to all workers, with a focus on opportunities for those facing disadvantages in the labour market.

iv. The representation of workers in all discussions on skills strategy.

v. A requirement for employers to consult on new workplace technology including conducting equality impact assessments and acting on the findings.

vi. A right for workers to have a human connection in decisions about them and their job.

vii. Significantly reduced thresholds for trade union recognition to ensure effective worker voice in discussions, such as those around working hours.

viii. Strengthened protection against redundancy, including 90 days’ consultation for large scale redundancies and three weeks’ redundancy pay for all workers irrespective of age.

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers


› Add sub-paragraphs ix. and x. at the end:

“ix. Introduce a new national careers advice and guidance service to provide information and guidance on retraining to working people throughout their working lives.

“x. Introduce a new lifelong learning fund to support workers to access training.”