[2023] Motion 76 The role of trades councils

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Lost motion

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Congress accepts that trades councils have a rich history in the trade union movement and play an active part in communities supporting the wider movement and TUC campaigns. Further it is recognised that trades councils have a combined affiliated membership of hundreds of thousands of members throughout the movement. Yet, trades councils are seriously under-represented within Congress.

Currently, they are entitled to a single delegate to Congress and can submit only one motion. Trades councils’ total affiliated membership, in a single trade union, would mean a far larger Congress delegation. Congress, therefore, agrees a rule change so that at Congress 2024, trades councils shall be entitled to:

i. a Congress delegation of three

ii. a single seat on the TUC General Council, and that the trades councils’ Congress delegation shall be entitled to speak and vote on any motion, amendment or other Congress business, in addition to its own single motion.