[2018] ** Motion 21 Continuing the fight against insecure work

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes the consequences of insecure agency work, false self employment and zero- and short-hours contracts can damage people’s finances, health and ability to plan for the future.

Congress notes that those who already face discrimination in the labour market are more likely to experience insecure work, including women, disabled workers, BAME workers and younger people.

Congress believes the Conservative government has failed in their duty to ensure justice at work and has not effectively enforced current employment rights in the UK.

Congress believes the government’s long-awaited Taylor Review was a missed opportunity and condemns the failure of ministers to implement basic measures such as tackling employers’ abuse of Swedish derogation.

Congress supports unions exposing the unfair treatment of workers and taking action to achieve justice for members in insecure workplaces.

Congress will highlight the longer-term consequences of insecure work for people’s health, finances, pensions and skills and the impact this has on different groups in society.

Congress praises unions who have taken cases to the courts but recognises that ultimately justice for working people will be achieved in the workplace.

Congress welcomes the Labour Party’s proposal of a new Ministry of Labour focusing on jobs and resolves to develop in detail:

i. new rights for trade unions to have the freedom to access and organise in all workplaces and with greater ability to pursue agreements and collective bargaining
ii. a new framework of employment rights from day one with a new agenda for enforcement.



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    “Finally, Congress condemns the fact that Network Rail, which is entirely dependent on public funding, continues to tolerate the use of bogus self-employment and zerohours contracts on the railway infrastructure. Congress will campaign to ensure public funding of our services, including rail, is linked to eradicating insecure work.

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers