[2018] ** Motion 22 A better deal for low-paid workers

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress expresses its deep concern over the continued growth of in-work poverty along with the Conservative government’s failure to implement policies that would tackle the issue.

The number of workers in poverty has increased by over 60 per cent during the last 20 years. Research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has identified a ‘poverty premium’ of £490 per year for low-income households.

At the same time, the proliferation of poor working practices such as zero- and short- hours contracts, agency work and bogus self-employment has been
disproportionately directed at those in low-paid jobs. Low pay appears to be particularly entrenched for young workers who face continued discrimination
caused by the national minimum wage age bandings.

Congress notes with disappointment that despite launching the Taylor Review into Modern Employment Practices at the end of 2016, Theresa May’s government has yet to implement any legislative changes to help address these issues.

Congress agrees the TUC will campaign for a better deal for low-paid workers. Such a campaign must target:

i. young workers to be paid the full adult rate
ii. a £10 per hour minimum wage rate
iii. tackling zero- and short-hours contracts through introducing a statutory minimum contract of 16 hours per week, which can only be reduced by the individual worker, accompanied by their union representative, requesting to optout and take fewer hours
iv. a statutory right to an employment contract that reflects an individual’s normal hours of work.

Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers


  • At the end of paragraph 3 add:
    “In the entertainment industries, workers are regularly asked to undertake engagements for no pay at all.”