[2023] Motion 22 Affordable housing for key workers

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress asserts that the housing crisis is having a profound impact on living standards and exacerbating the recruitment and retention crisis in critical services including schools, the NHS and social care.

Congress further notes with concern that the shortage of affordable housing for key workers is impacting adversely on the provision of public services across the board, and especially support for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.
Congress condemns the failure of successive governments and administrations to address the shortage of affordable housing for working people and their families.

Congress notes with concern:

i. the cost-of-living crisis created by the government is making decent housing unaffordable for many workers and families

ii. unregulated private rents and the lack of affordable social housing are driving the boom in homelessness
iii. the increased number of children living in temporary accommodation.

Congress calls on the General Council to campaign with unions, charities and other bodies for political parties to commit to:

a. prioritise access to affordable social housing as a key priority

b. prioritise access to affordable housing for all key workers, including teachers

c. ensure an adequate supply of reserved housing provision in all local authority areas for key workers

d. create and extend discount schemes for rental and first-time buyers in high-cost areas.



› In paragraph 2, line 1, after “affordable” add “high-quality”.
› After paragraph 2, add new paragraph:
“Key workers in both the public and private sector undertake an essential role in the functioning
of the economy. Congress recognises the need to ensure all key workers, in particular low- paid key workers, can access their work without prohibitive housing or transport costs.”
› In bullet point a., replace “access to” with “building more high-quality”.
Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers