[2022] Motion 22 Fair ferries

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress notes with dismay the actions taken on 17 March 2022 by P&O Ferries in unfairly and unlawfully terminating the employment of 786 seafarers.

Congress highlights its concern that other employers could see these actions as an opportunity to conduct themselves in a similar way. This could place in jeopardy long-established collective bargaining arrangements and statutory employment protections covering all workers across the UK.

Congress supports the work of TUC affiliates in calling for improvements to seafarer working protections, as well as wider employment protections in the UK, in particular welcoming the work undertaken in developing tripartite engagement and new legislation in defence of seafarers.

Congress agrees to:

i. support the Fair Ferries strategy and framework agreements

ii. assist affiliates in achieving measures that support domestically resident seafarer protection

iii. continue efforts for increasing broader employment protections, including ending fire and rehire

iv. support stronger criminal and civil sanctions against employers who seek to circumvent due process

v. campaign for injunctive relief to be available against employers who attempt to act unlawfully in dealing with their workforce

vi. remove the cap on protective awards to prevent companies from being able to put a price on criminal conduct.

Nautilus International