[2020] Motion 23 Black Lives Matter, coronavirus and race equality

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Racism has deepened and been amplified by over ten years of austerity. The death of George Floyd has led to a growing Black Lives Matter movement globally, including the UK. Systemic and everyday racism, Brexit, austerity, deaths at the hands of the state, hostile environment and Windrush scandal have led to a steady worsening of racism.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the impacts of racism in all aspects of society and in the labour market, with BME people contracting and dying of Covid-19 in disproportionate numbers.

There have been numerous reports and investigations into racism, and while noting that the government have established a new temporary commission to look into racism, we feel that there is no lack of evidence: quite the opposite – the evidence is there and what’s needed is action.

Congress welcomes the decision by the TUC to renew the TUC Stephen Lawrence task group in order to tackle some of these issues.

Congress calls on the TUC to:

i. lobby government for action for change, presenting recommendations in consultation with the TUC Race Relations Committee and Black trade union structures

ii. engage and work with grassroots Black race equality community organisations including offering solidarity/support to the wider UK Black Lives Matter movement

iii. ensure the new TUC race equality task group includes the voices of Black trade unionists

iv. campaign vigorously again the disproportionate impacts on Black workers, service users and communities of the economic downturn that the coronavirus crisis has caused and will continue to do so.

Artists’ Union England


  • Add at the end of sub-paragraph iii.:
    “and undertake a robust and open review of the progress made by the TUC and affiliates in tackling racism within our own organisational structures”



  • Add at end of sub-paragraph ii:
    “, and offering practical assistance for protests and demonstrations”
  • Insert new sub-paragraphs iii. and iv.:
    “iii. hold a virtual organising event on how unions can support the BLM movement
    “iv. campaign for the decolonisation of public services including building names, signage, awards, conventions, practices, monuments and artefacts associated with an unacceptable and shameful racist past.”
  • Re-number existing sub-paragraphs.

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