[2019] Motion 74 Cuba and the US blockade

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress expresses its alarm at the Trump administration’s recent actions to tighten the blockade against Cuba.

The decision to implement Title III of the Helms-Burton Act expressly aims to deter vital foreign investment. It could see British companies being sued in the US courts for “trafficking” property nationalised after 1959. New measures to reduce CubanAmericans’ ability to visit family or send money home takes US aggression and cruelty against Cuba to unprecedented levels. Congress considers this an act of economic warfare intended to cause tangible suffering to the Cuban people with the objective of creating unrest and instability.

Congress recognises that despite these actions, and despite suffering 57 years of illegal blockade, Cuba has made world-renowned achievements in education, health, social welfare, women’s representation and international humanitarianism: including 400,000 medical volunteers in 165 countries since 1960; training 31,000 doctors from 65 countries since 1998; and the second highest number of women MPs in the world (53.2 per cent).

Congress acknowledges the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s (CSC) work alongside
UK unions against the blockade including the successful campaign to overturn the Open University’s ban on Cuban students in 2016.

Congress congratulates the Cuban people on the 60th anniversary of the
Revolution and the 80th anniversary of the CTC and agrees to support and
publicise the Unions for Cuba Conference in November 2019.

Congress welcomes recent high level exchanges between Cuba and UK and
calls on the General Council to lobby the UK government to oppose all US
extraterritorial threats against British companies.