[2020] Motion 25 Challenging racism

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Congress has a clear ambition to build an inclusive, fair and harmonious society. Advancing race equality, tackling racism and addressing barriers that prevent people from Black and minority ethnic communities from realising their potential are clear objectives of Congress.

One key aspect of building equality in society is to address inequalities in the workplace. Congress notes that each sector must identify and confront institutional and cultural barriers to diversity, whether conscious or unconscious, and not shy away from addressing racism, racial discrimination or harassment where it exists.

Congress notes with concern that in Scotland the number of teachers from a BME background is only around one-third of the proportion of BME pupils in Scottish schools, with said teachers being significantly under-represented in promoted posts.

Congress resolves therefore to support the work of affiliates in challenging this inequity.

Congress also supports the work of affiliates in Scotland to ensure that ant-racist education is embedded in the Scottish curriculum, including an examination and exposure of Scotland’s historic links to the slave trade.

Educational Institute of Scotland