[2020] Motion 30 Gender Recognition Act reform, trans people’s rights and solidarity across the trade union movement

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress recognises:

i. that transgender and non-binary members are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace

ii. the continuing attacks on trans people within mainstream and social media largely led by groups who argue against the proposed reforms to the GRA seeking to roll back the existing rights of trans people

iii. the importance of standing up for the rights of trans and non-binary workers: a majority Conservative government is using trans rights as a wedge issue to divide working class people – myths and tropes about trans and non-binary people are regularly being promoted in the Murdoch papers

iv. the need to widely promote the message that trans women are women, trans men are men and that non-binary identities are valid – we must also encourage others to be trans allies and provide training to give them confidence to stand up for trans colleagues

v. transgender and non-binary people should be addressed by their correct pro-nouns and wilfully mis-gendering individuals is unacceptable

vi. that using sex and gender binary monitoring questions are discriminatory against non-binary people – non-binary people are thereby mis-gendered.

Congress notes:

a. Transphobia is continuing during lockdown and beyond, clinic waiting times are increasing, and gender recognition reform is again delayed.

b. Global campaigns by reactionary organisations including the ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’ are supported by powerful Evangelical and other conservative Christian institutions. These organisations are also homophobic, biphobic and against women’s rights and they have financial resources to support legal cases.

c. In the UK, anti-trans campaigners are deliberately stoking dissention between LGB and T sections of our communities, including the founding of the anti-trans LGB Alliance.

d. These groups continue to campaign against the proposed reforms to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA) and are seeking to roll back the existing rights of trans people.

e. The rise in anti-trans sentiment. Many conservatives have tried to portray trans rights as a danger to women and also children. This is reminiscent of homophobic lies of the past and we reject this.

f. These issues have been made more contentious by our society’s deep gender segregation. We should fight for all public places to be safe spaces.

Congress reconfirms its support for the TUC policy:

  1. All trans identities should be believed and respected, and that for all social purposes, trans women should be treated as women and trans men treated as men.
  2. Other gender identities (non-binary etc) are equally authentic. This is a social question rather than a scientific one. Past attempts to categorise human beings by purely scientific methods have often led to barbaric outcomes.

Congress notes and affirms 2018 Congress proposed reforms to the GRA.

Congress therefore calls on the TUC, the incoming TUC LGBT+ Committee and affiliates to:

i. restate wholehearted commitment to trans rights

ii. promote the truth that trans rights are human rights

iii. continue work to counteract the transphobic myths being perpetuated, including the insidious myths that trans rights threaten women’s safety or equality

iv. continue the campaign for progressive reform of the GRA across all trade union LGBT+ groups

v. campaign for the Westminster government and Scottish Parliament to progress GRA reforms

v1. promote trans ally training, information and educational materials to all affiliates on how to be a trans ally

vii. ensure that appropriate gender-based training and trans/non-binary awareness training is made available across the trade union movement to train all workplace reps and officers to ensure that all members are treated equally regardless of gender identity

vii. lobby for long-term change in monitoring questions and an end to transphobia

ix. encourage greater awareness of the issues for non-binary workers

x. support our trans and non-binary members and make clear the links between transphobia, homophobia and biphobia in society.

TUC LGBT+ Conference