[2021] Motion 45 Tackling the widespread epidemic of structural and systematic racism

carried motion
Carried motion

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2020 further exposed decades of structural, systemic and institutional racism endured by Black people. The murder of George Floyd and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on Black people needs immediate action. This is an opportunity to ensure that society, politicians and employers address with urgency the historic disparities, behaviours and attitudes.

Congress calls on the trade union and labour movement to seriously engage in reshaping the changes Black people have been demanding for decades. No more research or task force, it is time for change.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. support affiliates to ensure:

    • the health, safety and welfare of Black workers are taken seriously and supported as a collective issue and not individualised
    • a campaign to change the national education curriculum to include Black history, the slave trade and the colonial empire and its impact
    • under-representation of black people in political life including parliament, councils, assemblies and public office is addressed
    • all employers are required to conduct regular mandatory equality impact assessments with monitoring and firm enforcement and redress

ii. be involved in TUC initiatives around international trade negotiations, ensuring fair/ethical agreements that provide “economically developing countries” opportunity and a level playing field to trade with post-Brexit UK.

TUC Black Workers Conference