[2022] Motion 69 Global attacks on journalism

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress condemns the horrific murder of environmental journalist and NUJ member Dom Phillips and that of Shireen Abu Akleh, an Al Jazeera journalist shot dead in Jenin, Palestine, while reporting on Israeli military action.

These deaths are evidence of the danger faced by journalists and the lengths hostile forces, including governments, will go to suppress freedom of the press. Phillips’ murder occurred in the context of hostility to those who work to protect Brazil’s natural environment promoted by the country’s reactionary president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Congress backs the International Federation of Journalists’ (IFJ) call for Abu Akleh’s death to be investigated by the International Criminal Court. The IFJ’s complaint added her death to those of four Palestinian journalists killed or maimed by Israeli snipers in Gaza. All were wearing vests marked Press.

Congress notes that journalists in the UK face constant abuse and threats online and in person, including death threats to journalists in Northern Ireland.

Legislation such as the new Bill of Rights Bill, the Online Safety Bill and the National Security Bill will further undermine press freedom in the UK.

Congress instructs the General Council to:

i. affirm the importance of a free press and the freedom of expression.

ii. support campaigns to seek justice for journalists who have been killed or injured.

iii. support the NUJ’s work to raise awareness of attacks on journalists at home and abroad.

iv. support the IFJ and NUJ campaign for the murder of Abu Akleh to be investigated by the International Criminal Court.

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