[2023] Motion 17 Charting a just transition for maritime professionals

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress believes that the transition to a net-zero carbon future must be a ‘just transition’ that not only tackles emerging environmental issues but also confronts systemic injustices within the world of work.

Congress believes the transition must be ambitious, timely, democratic, safe, equitable, diverse, funded, and thus “just.” It must future proof skills and training for workers, secure workplace safety and protect and enhance pay and working conditions.

Congress understands that in shipping industry achieving net-zero by 2050 will require innovative technologies and the use of alternative fuels, having significant impact on those working in the industry.

Therefore, Congress calls on:

i. the government to future proof skills and training of maritime professionals by ensuring skills and training are fully accessible and fully funded

ii. employers to secure safety at sea through consultation with trade unions in the procurement and design of new vessels.

iii. the government to work with other member states at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for regulations for the implementation and use of alternative fuels

iv. the government to establish a financial safety fund, to support those who cannot make the transition, like the ‘Kolenfonds’ in the Netherlands

v. employers working in offshore renewable energy to engage in collective bargaining processes with trade unions

vi. government to prioritise offshore renewable energy contracts to shipowners utilising the UK Ship register.

Nautilus International