[2023] Motion 46 Fair funding for public services

Composited motion

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Thirteen years of cuts have left public services in tatters.
Congress notes that councils across the UK face billions in funding shortfalls, with many declaring bankruptcy; PCSO numbers in England have been cut by 45 per cent since 2010 for example; and SEN, health and social care funding hasn’t kept pace with demand.

Congress believes that public service workers and the communities they support are paying the price. Our country is at breaking point. Urgent action is needed.

The economy is in freefall, with a recession looming and inequalities widening. Congress believes that strong public services are essential to rebuilding a fair economy and ending the cost-of-living scandal.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. call on all political parties to commit to needs-based funding for all public services, ensuring fair wages for those who provide them;

ii. co-ordinate action between unions to campaign for:
– above inflation pay rises for public service workers
– proper recognition of the important role local government plays, and the
funding and powers to fulfil its potential
– a proper workforce plan for policing that cuts crime not PCSOs
– a national care service ensuring proper funding, decent pay and consistent standards of care
– investment in the NHS workforce to improve services
– an end to cuts in schools and colleges, and urgent investment to repair dangerous school buildings
– fully funded universal childcare with good pay, terms and conditions for the staff that deliver it
– services to be brought back in-house.



› Insert new paragraph 5:
“Congress calls for restorative funding for public health, enabling disease prevention and adequately resourced children’s services, including health visiting, school nursing and child adolescent mental health services. Congress notes that the most economically disadvantaged children experience a disproportionate impact arising from the degradation of children’s services, including Sure Start closures”.


› Insert new paragraph 3:
“The core role of the civil service in providing objective advice and accountable delivery has been deliberately put at risk. It is haemorrhaging key skills in a wide range of services including health and safety regulation, ensuring plant and animal health, and infrastructure planning.’
› In point iii. after “local government” add “and the civil service”.