[2018] ** Motion 46 Public services post-Carillion

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Congress is opposed to the privatisation of public services, PFI and the use of wholly owned subsidiaries by public bodies.

After Carillion’s liquidation, damning national Audit Office reports and further evidence that profits are created at workers’ expense, the need for trade union recognition, collective bargaining and common standards on pay, terms and conditions and pensions is pressing.

Against that background the seven principles of public life (the Nolan principles) must now form part of the statutory requirements placed on those organisations
that provide and/or deliver public services, in order to strengthen the public service ethos and benefit the public.

Congress calls on the General Council to develop proposals that will give legislative effect to:
i. the application of the seven principles and Freedom of Information Act requirements to all service providers
ii. the sector-wide agreements secured through collective bargaining and the relevant public sector pension schemes becoming the minimum basis for the
pay, terms, conditions and pension provision applying in all service providers in that sector
iii. trade union recognition in all service providers and the framework for their participation in sector-wide collective bargaining Congress welcomes Labour’s opposition to the continued use of PFI and privatisation of the provision of public services.

Congress calls on the General Council to develop policies on in-sourcing that rapidly end outsourcing on PFI and other contracts. In bringing services in-house
the minimum standards for pay, terms, conditions and pension arrangements must be those sector-wide arrangements secured through collective bargaining.