[2023] Motion 61 Resources for early intervention and specialist support for children

Composited motion

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Congress is concerned about the impact on children of austerity, the pandemic and cost of living crisis. The public services that support children have been eroded, as has the pay of the people who work in them. Cuts to local authorities, schools, NHS and other agencies mean that too often, the services children need are not there.

Congress recognises that this particularly impacts the most vulnerable children, such as those living in poverty, with special educational needs, or needing mental health support.

Congress notes the important role of Educational Psychologists (EPs) in supporting children, the recruitment and retention crisis in the profession, and the way this stems from the combination of underfunded services, workload pressures, and real terms cuts to pay. Congress supports the AEP’s call for fair pay as essential to protecting and rebuilding services.

Congress calls for more emphasis on and resources for early intervention and prevention support for children across the UK, including expanded access to specialists like EPs.

Association of Educational Psychologists