[2022] Motion 72 Trades Union Congress review

Composited motion

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Congress notes that structural imbalances of power and wealth now permeate the world of work and the economy, leading to ever growing inequality, decades in the making.

But 2022 marks a turning point in the history of the union movement: after years of work by unions, a new wave of workers is fighting back and demanding better.

Congress believes it is time to focus not on political change, but on the root of our members’ power – their workplaces and communities.

It is crucial that the TUC now coordinates, supports and fully reflects this approach.

Therefore, Congress agrees that it is time for a root and branch review of the whole TUC, including its role and purpose in the wider movement.

Congress further resolves that the review must also bring about as a minimum:

i. a general secretary of the TUC elected every five years

ii. a deputy general secretary of the TUC elected every five years

iii. a working group formed by General Council on a sectoral basis, focused on reforming the TUC to ensure:

iV. that TUC structures can coordinate the united power of the union movement in every workplace and community in the UK.

V. that TUC structures, and those of its affiliates, properly reflect the ethnicity, gender, and diversity of the members we represent.

Vi. a decentralised TUC with stronger regional structures

Vii. reformed and reinvigorated Trades Councils with powerful local coordinating machinery.

Viii. TUC structures where workers’ voices in every sector of the economy are amplified and given fair weight.



› In the sixth paragraph, replace “must also bring about as a minimum” with “examine”

› In sub-paragraph i. replace “a” before “general secretary” with “whether the” and insert “be” between “TUC” and “elected”

› In sub-paragraph ii. insert “whether” before “a deputy” and insert “be” between “TUC” and “elected”

› In sub-paragraph iv. between “structures” and “can coordinate” insert “, priorities and resourcing”

› In sub-paragraph vi. replace “a decentralised” with “the role and contribution of”; delete ‘with stronger’; and after ‘structures’ insert “and Trades Councils”

› Delete sub-paragraph vii. and re-number accordingly.