[2018] ** Motion 47 Independent inquiry into privatisation

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Congress notes the debacle regarding Carillion and ultimately its collapse and notes with concern the cost to the taxpayer with further privatisation of the public services announced, including new prisons, probation services and some health services.

Congress notes that there has been no independent inquiry on the costs of privatisation and the failed Private Finance Initiative. The lessons of privatisation of our railways, healthcare, energy, Royal Mail, prisons and other services have been ignored by successive governments, even with the collapse of Carillion and the debt of failed privatisation and the private finance initiative costing the tax payer more, and the privateers continually bailed out.

Congress calls on the TUC General Council to campaign for an independent inquiry into privatisation, where trade unions can give evidence regarding their particular sectors to demonstrate that it actually costs more in the long run with poorer services and poorer terms and conditions for workers in the race to the bottom.



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    “This inquiry should also consider how these industries can be brought back into public ownership and highlight the times that evidence of long-term benefits of public ownership has been ignored due to the dogma of privatisation.”