[2023] Motion 60 SEND in crisis

Composited motion

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The SEND (special educational needs and disability) system in England remains in crisis. The failure to properly cost and then fund major reforms introduced by the government in 2014 has created a system that is failing pupils, families and schools. Current levels of funding remain wholly inadequate and local authorities simply don’t have the resources to meet the demands being placed on the system – as a result many continue to carry large budget deficits. The unavoidable consequence of this is that too many schools are struggling to meet the needs of pupils with SEND, through no fault of their own. The government’s recent SEND action plan contains some good ideas but is unlikely to address the root causes of the problem and, crucially, does not being an extra penny in funding.

Congress calls all political parties to commit to a needs-led approach to SEND funding so that every pupil has the level of support they require. Furthermore, congress calls on all parties to re-build the crucial support services that support children and families with SEND. Schools cannot do this work alone.

National Association of Head Teachers


› In paragraph 1, after sentence 3 which finishes with ‘budget deficits.’, insert new line:
“Congress recognises that support staff cuts are denying children educational opportunities.”
In paragraph 2, sentence 1, after “parties to”, insert:
“value the role of support staff in delivering an inclusive education and”

› In paragraph 2, sentence 1, after “needs-led approach to”, insert:
“inclusion, reasonable adjustments, and the full provision of”

› In paragraph 2, sentence 1, after ‘they require’, insert:
“, including in-classroom teaching assistant support.”