[2022] Motion 71 Trades Union Congress review

Composited motion

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Received from Communication Workers Union

Congress believes that 2022 marks a turning point in the history of the British trade union movement.

The structural imbalance of power and wealth that permeates the world of work, the economy and growing inequalities that have been decades in the making, has provoked a new wave of workers fighting back and demanding better.

Unions have been building toward this moment and instead of waiting for political change, Congress believes it is time to focus on the root of our power – our workplaces, sectors, and our members themselves.

It is crucial that the TUC now coordinates, supports and fully reflects this approach.

Therefore, Congress agrees a top-to-bottom review of the whole of the TUC – including its overall role and purpose in the wider movement.

Congress further resolves that the review must also bring about as a minimum:

Communication Workers Union


At end, add new sub-paragraphs vii. and viii.:

“vii. recognising our political strength often comes from industrial strength, the review to consider TUC resources being re-prioritised and re-focused to assist increasing sectoral and workplace density, power and unity

“viii. enhancing the democratic involvement of affiliates in high-level decision making to make the TUC more representative and responsive.”

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers