[2019] Motion 49 Financial incentive to undergo NHS treatment

carried motion
Carried motion

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Congress notes that those individuals who pay for private health care are often given a financial incentive to undergo NHS treatment. This is especially true in cancer care where strict waiting targets ensure the NHS delivers treatment quickly, making it impossible for private health care to compete. Instead private healthcare “customers” are offered an incentive to use the NHS.

Congress believes it is scandalous and unethical for private health care insurance companies to offer a financial incentive to patients who opt to continue with NHS funded care to save the insurers money. This reimbursement is a fraction of the total cost of treatment and thus saves the insurance companies vast sums of money which instead is delivered to shareholders.

Congress calls on the General Council to:
i. take a stance against this financial-based incentive
ii. ensure the money instead is paid to the NHS to fund patient care at a far lower rate than if they were to pay for an individual’s full treatment.
iii. work with a future government to achieve this.

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