[2023] Motion 50 Pay review bodies

Composited motion

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Congress notes the very different experiences across sectors of pay for members being determined by a pay review body (PRB) and the near collapse of the system in the last 12 months.
PRB’s can only function effectively if they are independent of interference and direction by government and the evidence of all parties carries equal weight. Unfortunately, in recent years that has not been the case.

During the industrial action disputes of the last 12 months, we have seen some evidence of government and unions negotiating directly and coming to agreements without the involvement of the PRB’s – even if the government has had to dragged to the table on occasions.

Conference has repeatedly called for sectorial bargaining and in some circumstances PRB’s can play a role in this.

Conference calls on the TUC to work with unions in different sectors to produce a model template for PRB’s and work with affiliates in either making sure that PRB’s are fit for purpose or other methods of settling pay, such as direct negotiations, are promoted if more appropriate.

Royal College of Podiatry