[2022] Motion 64 Joint union action on the cost-of-living crisis and jobs

Composited motion

Received from:

Congress believes that the crisis in living standards and the attacks on jobs that workers are suffering requires the trade union movement to organise coordinated industrial action.

High inflation, particularly affecting people on low incomes, and rising energy bills mean that millions do not know how they will make ends meet, feed themselves, heat their homes and pay their bills.

Staff shortages in public services that are already struggling with the increased demands caused by the pandemic and by Brexit are causing enormous stress and threaten the health and wellbeing of many thousands of people.

Congress condemns the announcement by the government that it intends to cut 91,000 jobs in the UK civil service. This would equate to closing ten government departments and mean large scale reductions in services.

Congress congratulates all unions taking industrial action to fight back. We note that, despite a media onslaught, there is widespread sympathy for strikes.

Congress agrees that trade unions must lead the defence of working people in the UK and we call on the Labour Party to support all workers taking strike action.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i. actively organise and support a united campaign of coordinated industrial action including convening a working group of unions in the public and private sectors to plan and coordinate action on pay and jobs

ii. report progress in the campaign for joint action to affiliates on a monthly basis.

Public and Commercial Services Union