[2021] Motion 56 Valuing the NHS team

Composited motion

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Congress believes there has never been a time when our NHS workers have been in such sharp public focus. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the skill, compassion, versatility and commitment of everyone from nurses, gardeners, secretaries, consultants, dietitians, phlebotomists, podiatrists, radiographers, physiotherapists and others. Some have thrived but may are broken. The pandemic has had a severe impact on staff. They have been under huge amounts of pressure and are exhausted, traumatised and struggling with their mental health. This has been compounded by low pay, with four in 10 NHS workers in receipt of a state benefit, and severe understaffing.

The value of these workers, our NHS team, must be properly recognised now and into the future.

The core values of the NHS, applicable to staff and patients, are contained in its constitution and include:

i. working together for patients

ii.respect and dignity

iii. commitment to quality of care

iv. compassion

v. improving lives

vi. everyone counts.

Congress believes that in order to make these values meaningful for all, there must be:

a. investment in staffing to address the current vacancy levels of over 100,000

b. adequate protected time for CPD

c. better access to flexible working

d. less reliance on bank and agency staff

e. protected time for staff to recover the mental and physical effects of the pandemic

f. a meaningful and sustainable pay rise to address years of shortfall.

British Dietetic Association


Add a new sub-paragraph g. at the end:

“g. provision for easy and quick access to mental health and medical services for NHS staff to aid a quicker recovery from the effects of the pandemic.”

Royal College of Podiatry