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Congress is dismayed by the steeply declining status of education in the UK. Over 13 years of Conservative rule education has lurched from one funding crisis to another; and one Education Secretary to the next. The abject failure to invest in the school workforce and estate has resulted in the worst recruitment and retention crisis, at all levels in the profession, since the 1944 Education Act. The lack of an overarching commitment and vision for high quality 21st century public education is having an increasingly detriment impact on pupils, schools and the communities they serve. Congress notes with sadness the complete lack of energy, enthusiasm and dynamism from a government that appears to have run out of ideas.

Congress calls all political parties to once again make education central to their manifesto commitment in the run up to the next general election.

National Association of Head Teachers


› In first sentence, delete “steeply declining status of” and replace with “government’s failure to value publicly funded” .
› In third sentence add at end: “blighting the life chances of children, particularly those from working class communities”.
› Add new second paragraph:
“Congress congratulates education unions for their joint work and solidarity which has already successfully won additional pay and funding from government, and commits further support in their continuing campaign for restoration of pay.”

National Education Union


› In sentence 1, insert “parts of” after “in” and add “and the insufficiency of investment UK-wide” after “UK”.
Educational Institute of Scotland