[2018] ** Motion 50 National sectoral bargaining

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Congress recognises that pay review bodies in the United Kingdom is a government mechanism to replace collective bargaining for certain groups of
employees in the public sector, including the prison service pay review body. Different pay review bodies also cover school teachers, nurses, doctors and other health professionals. It is noted by Congress that the review bodies are supposed to be independent of government when making recommendations after taking evidence from employer and trade unions but unfortunately the review bodies are selected, paid, and follow a remit from treasury and government which has led to pay cuts since 2010 with review bodies adhering to the government agenda.

Congress accept that pay review bodies should be disbanded as they are not independent of government and effectively do as they are told to achieve government objectives on pay.

Congress further instructs the General Council to work with the Labour party and other organisations who support a return to national sectoral collective bargaining.



  • Insert new paragraph 3:
    “Congress notes existing models of national collective bargaining, such as the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services and the Middle Managers’ Negotiating Body for firefighters across the UK.”

Fire Brigades Union


  • In paragraph 2, after “disbanded”, insert “where unions with members covered by the review body agree”
  • Add at end of motion “where appropriate”.

Society of Radiographers