[2019] Motion 45 Privatised public services: bring them in

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Congress is still opposed to the privatisation of public services, PFI and the use of wholly owned subsidiaries by public bodies. It is time to bring all these services  in-house.

Carillion’s collapse in 2018, and damning National Audit Office and select
committee reports, reveal on-going problems with the stability of major contractors and also outsourcing spreading to new areas.

Privatisation often starts with the lowest paid staff, disproportionately women and Black staff, and then spreads further. Too often public funds are lost in opaque and off-shore company structures.

Congress salutes all union activists organising, negotiating, campaigning and
winning in contracted-out services. Congress welcomes developments in Scotland and Wales where the governments are taking a more responsible and fair approach to workforce standards in procurement. There are also public bodies and councils looking at in-sourcing afresh.

Congress calls on the General Council to develop a campaign and plan for:
i. the bringing back of services in-house in the first year of a new Westminster
ii. ending the whole discredited and inefficient marketisation system
iii. sector-wide agreements secured through collective bargaining and the relevant public sector pension schemes becoming the minimum basis for the pay, terms, conditions and pension provision applying to all service providers in that sector through public procurement ‘fair wages’ regulations
iv. trade union recognition and Freedom of Information Act applying to service
v. all public contractors to pay ‘fair tax’
vi. new public investment with public money and also how to end existing
PFI schemes.



  • In final paragraph insert new sub-paragraph i. and renumber
    subsequent sub-paragraphs accordingly:
    “i. support for Labour’s plans to create a presumption that service contracts
    will be brought back in-house and delivered by the public sector”



  • Add at end of paragraph 4:
    “, and the many outsourced workers taking industrial action for fair pay and conditions, and in support of campaigns to bring services back in-house, including the brave strikers who have taken indefinite action in government departments.”

Public and Commercial Services Union