[2021] Motion 67 Union equality representatives need rights now!

Composited motion

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Congress is determined to ensure that the searing existing inequalities exposed and deepened by the Covid-19 pandemic are not just revealed and measured, but actively tackled across all trade union activities.

From ending pregnancy discrimination to ensuring progression of Black workers, from reasonable adjustments for those with long covid to sexual harassment procedures also recognising LGBT+ workers, unions need knowledge, skills, understanding, diverse involvement, paid time off and facilities. We need major change for unions to have a deep, effective long-lasting impact on ending inequalities faced by women, Black and Asian ethnic minority, disabled and LGBT+ workers.

In the same way as union safety representatives transformed action on health and safety at work in the 1970s, so in the 2020s we need that same transformation to action on equality at work – strengthening and embedding the role of union equality representatives across workplaces and sectors, and putting their rights to paid time off and facilities on an equal basis and a statutory footing.

Congress therefore calls on the General Council with the TUC Women’s, Black Workers, Disabled Workers and LGBT+ Committees and affiliate unions to:

i. intensify the campaign for fair and equal statutory rights for union equality representatives

ii. act now to strengthen the role of union equality representatives through promoting negotiations for paid time off and facilities including access to union education

iii. develop TUC support for specialist union equality reps including women’s advocates providing support to women facing violence and harassment; and disability champions.



Add new sub-paragraph iv. at the end:

“iv. develop a training framework so that union equality reps can be given the appropriate training and support by the TUC and affiliates to carry out their duties to a high standard and promote equality in every workplace.”

Royal College of Podiatry