[2019] Motion 59 Pupil violence and indiscipline

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Congress is alarmed at the reports that pupil serious violence is a significant and growing problem within schools and on our streets.

Congress deplores the government’s failure to respond appropriately to preventing and addressing serious violence involving children and young people.

Congress notes with concern the devastating impact of serious violence, including knife crime, on children and young people’s safety, wellbeing and future life chances.

Congress rejects the simplistic view that school exclusion is the cause of youth violence and knife crime.

Congress applauds the commitment and efforts of public sector workers who are dedicated to working with violent and abusive children and young people.

Congress further applauds the work of teachers and headteachers who, every day, seek to ensure that schools are safe sanctuaries for all children and young people.

Congress further rejects the expectation that teachers and other public service workers should accept violence as part of the job.

Congress further applauds the efforts of unions in taking industrial action to protect their members from violence and abuse by children and young people.

Congress calls on the government to:
i. support schools and colleges in dealing with violence and disruption
ii. commit substantially to increase the levels of investment in welfare and support services for children, young people and families
iii. increase the provision of specialist alternative education provision for children and young people
iv. end the culture of blaming teachers for pupil indiscipline.



  • Delete “and indiscipline” from the title
  • Delete paragraph 1
  • Delete paragraph 2 and replace with:
    “Congress deplores the decimation of services under austerity, pushing families and communities to breaking point, and seeks concerted government action to address the causes of disaffection and violence involving children and young people.”
  • Delete paragraph 4
  • In paragraph 5, delete “violent and abusive” and add at end “suffering under
    austerity policies, deeply regretting the violence they may face.”
  • Delete paragraph 8
  • In paragraph 9, insert new sub-paragraph i.: “reverse the effects of
    austerity policies” and re-number the remaining sub-paragraphs.

National Education Union